Kneeler Mat

McAlpine Kneeler Mats are the only knee protection you’ll ever need. The kneeler is portable, durable, light weight and is perfect for trades that involve kneeling for long periods. Our kneeler distributes force evenly away from your knee, spreading weight, relieving pressure and preventing pain no matter the work environment.

  • Significantly reduces the risk of knee damage
  • Scientifically proven to reduce knee pain
  • Penetration-resistant waterproof base
  • Slip-resistant base to keep the mat in place
  • Supports your whole knee, not just one point
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  • McAlpine Kneeler Mat with Redbacks® Cushioning Technology in Black, showing the weave redbacks technology.

Knee(d) Stress and Pressure Relief?

We know what it’s like running a family business, when everyone relies on you. When you are under pressure and strains. One thing you don’t need is a long period when you can’t work. When your knees are just too sore. Ask yourself, is it worth taking that risk? When there are Kneepads like ours that can relieve pressure and stress on your knees and joints? There are always going to be some things you can’t control. But there are some things you can. Don’t take that risk with your knees.

Plumber holding his knees in pain

K(n)ee Benefits.

Designed to be as pain free as possible, not just for your knees. McAlpine Kneepads are engineered to have an unbeatable range of benefits:

Product feature icons showing: reduce knee and back pain; comfort and protection; multi purpose use; robust and long lasting; washable at 30 degrees celsius; recyclable cushion; one size fits all

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Blueprint Illustration of the interior of McAlpine Kneepads with Redbacks® Cushioning Technology, highlighting the supporting red weave that distributes pressure.

Honeycomb Matrix

28 flexible leaf springs embedded within a honeycomb matrix to absorb and spread weight.

Leaf Spring Technology

Unlike any other kneepad, our Leaf-Spring technology disperses pressure away from the knee to provide unrivalled comfort and protection.

What do the trades say?

  • “I’m a plumber and I honestly can say I’ve tried every type going. This product is the best out there, I bought my first pair back in 2013 and I’ve only had to buy 2 more since then. I use them every day. Brilliant product and don’t half save your knees. I really do notice the difference between these and your cheaper ones.”

  • “As a professional painter & decorator, we do spend a lot of time on our knees. I bought these knee pads as I wanted something of quality and something that would last a long time. I was not disappointed, these knee pads are the best ones I have ever purchased. Very very comfortable, and if you happen to kneel on a nail or screw you do not feel it. They are slightly on the heavy side but I am so glad I bought these ones, they should last me for many years. “

  • ” Worth every penny. Being over 50 my knees do feel it….these pads really do work. A bit bulky and you do need to make sure your knee lands on the pad but in spite of these matters I thoroughly recommend…just rewired a house and really noticed the difference. Other insert knee pads just do not give the same level of cushioning. Too early to tell about durability. Dear… but worth it! “

  • ” I’ve been using these for around six weeks (at the time of writing the review) and am loving them! So much more comfortable than the standard foam/gel type which ends up compressing and doing nothing for your knees. They support the knee, hold their shape, are great on rough surfaces or those littered with debris, and help prevent the ingress of sharp sticky outy nails/screws due to their honeycomb construction, and best of all can be left in the trousers to wash them

Smiling older plumber in front a ladder, reviewing McAlpine Kneepads

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McAlpine Kneepads are the only tool in your toolbox you’ll ever need to save your knees. Our Kneepads are available across the whole of the UK at your nearest plumbers merchants and select online retailers.
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