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Joe’s Story

Joe has been working for twenty years now. He’s just coming up to his 40th birthday.

He can’t believe how fast it has gone. One minute he was an apprentice, and for the last ten years he’s been running his own business.

He’s always been a bit of a perfectionist, but that’s what has got him repeat and referred work.

One thing he wished was that he’d started to wear knee pads a long time ago. He had to give up 5’s a wile back. His knees just couldn’t take it anymore.

The knees are sore most days but he has to live with it. After all, he doesn’t have a load of money left at the end of each month, so he can’t afford to take time off, not with the family holiday coming up, and prices rising everywhere.

If only he had done something earlier, then he wouldn’t be so worried about the future.

‘IF ONLY’ – is a phrase that many in the trades will say. “If only I had listened….’. ‘If only I’d bought better tools…’. ‘If only I’d bought the new van earlier….’. Life and work is full of ‘If onlys’.

We’re on a mission to stop people say ‘if only’…when it comes to their knees.

So don’t be a Joe!

Think about your 5’s career. Think about going to theme parks with the family. Think about being able to work for as long as you want to. Just think, and buy the kneepads that support you, and will let you do all of those things that Joe can’t do.