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The Positives

When we purchased Redback Kneepads we knew that they would be a winner. After all we read the reviews and what came out of them were some great positives:

  • Save your knees.
  • Protects your knees
  • Helps with sore knees
  • Machine washable
  • Robust
  • More expensive but worth it
  • Comfortable
  • Can be cut down
  • Kneeling on rough surfaces/nails/screws is great
  • Holds shape
  • Stick with them..
  • Longevity
  • Large
  • Great in summer – breathable
  • Pads have outlasted 4-6 pairs of work trousers


There were a few negatives too.

Some people thought they were too short, some too big, some too heavy, and some say they moved around too much.

The beauty is that they can be cut to the size you like them – and that you have options to wear strapped or pocket kneepads. Or even to use the kneeler mat instead. You’ve got the option to use the product that’s right for your work practice and your comfort. McAlpine Kneepads have been created by working with tradespeople. Heating engineers, plumbers, joiners, sparks, roofers, carpet fitters and kitchen fitters. All of you who have to work on your knees for lengthy periods.

The award-winning Redbacks technology is groundbreaking.

But, the bottom line, for us, is what tradespeople think about our product, and here are some reviews.

I’m a plumber and I honestly can say I’ve tried every type going. This product is the best out there, I bought my first pair back in 2013 and I’ve only had to buy 2 more since then. I use them every day. Brilliant product and don’t half save your knees. I really do notice the difference between these and your cheaper ones.”

“Not cheap but worth every penny. Being over 50 my knees do feel it….these pads really do work. A bit bulky and you do need to make sure your knee lands on the pad but in spite of these matters I thoroughly recommend…just rewired a house and really noticed the difference. Other insert knee pads just do not give the same level of cushioning.”

“I’ve been using these for a few months now and won’t be going back to using the foam ones. Although slightly more expensive than most knee pads you will feel the difference straight away. its like kneeling on little clouds of joy all day.”

“I purchased these knee pads hoping they were as good as advertised. I have a replacement knee and one waiting to be replaced. What a relief, so comfortable so glad i went with these.”